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Intro to Nature-Related Risk Reporting

Intro to Nature-Related Risk Reporting
Intro to Nature-Related Risk Reporting

Date & Time

May 09, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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Join us to learn more about the water footprint of the beverages industry and find out how you, as a consumer, can make more sustainable choices.  Mike Kraten, CPA, PhD, and Director of Accounting Program Initiatives at the University of Houston, will dive into three of the largest soda companies and look at publicly available information to uncover details on their impact on freshwater. 

Special guest, Kate Burgess, Conservation Program Manager, National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, will provide an overview of the importance of freshwater on biodiversity.

We hope to see you there as we explore nature-related risk reporting and empower you to make informed decisions in your journey towards a more sustainable future!

Did you know:

  • While over 70% of the planet’s surface is covered with water, only 3% of that is freshwater.

  • Most of that freshwater is in glaciers, polar ice caps, soil and the atmosphere.

  • Only 0.5% of the water on the planet is readily available freshwater.

  • One-fourth of the world’s population face extremely high water stress each year.

  • Globally, the demand for freshwater is exceeding what is available!


Companies should:

  • Report on their impacts relating to carbon emissions and electricity use, waste and circularity, water pollution and use, air pollution, and land use.

  • Describe the impacts on nature across the entire value chain.

  • Provide location-specific details, particularly in high-risk areas.

  • Highlight impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.

  • Prepare for mandatory reporting - it’s  coming soon!

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