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Code of conduct

“At SolPods, we believe in empowerment, inclusivity, transparency and education. We put our values into action by providing a community space for collaboration, where sustainability enthusiasts can work together. We provide educational resources such as workshops, articles, live events and podcasts. Our community was created on the basis of positivity and respect for all members. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard and to contribute to the ongoing conversation about positive sustainable change. SolPods is a safe space for new ideas and perspectives. As reflected in our website, community platform and social media, we aim to focus on inspiring perspectives to uplift and motivate our members to make the planet a safer and healthier place today and into the future.” - SolPods Team


Our Code of Conduct ensures trust and integrity with our stakeholders. This Code guides our actions and decisions to ensure that we treat all parties with respect, fairness and integrity. This Code is an extension of SolPods’ core values and provides an outline of how we incorporate these values into practice every day. It also gives us a framework to hold people accountable in an effective and equitable way. 


Human Rights Code of Conduct

  • Treat others with respect and professionalism 

  • Speak out against inappropriate, disrespectful or unprofessional behavior or negative comments

  • Aim to provide a safe space for all to communicate their needs

  • Aim to respect and safeguard employees to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment, abuse of power, gender inequity and sexual exploitation and abuse in the workplace 

  • Respect people’s rights in accordance with customary, national and international human rights laws

  • Aim to promote equality and equity, including but not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and personal identity

  • Maintain an open mind to others’ experiences, backgrounds and beliefs and be supportive in order to learn from one another 

  • Make efforts to take into account the needs and rights of local communities including Indigenous peoples and vulnerable peoples

  • Aim to protect children and children’s rights

  • Ensure a safe and reliable workplace environment

  • Refuse to offer or accept bribes or gifts to unfairly influence a decision

  • Avoid sharing confidential information and adhere to the SolPods Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

  • Aim to protect and safeguard intellectual property

  • Aim to ensure there is no conflict of interest involving SolPods related to any contractual commitments and disclose conflicts of interest that may arise 

Sustainability Code of Conduct: 

  • Report on our sustainability practices and progress

  • Aim to report on tangible actions and impact from our activities

  • Aim to work with vendors and other partners who align with our sustainability values

  • Uphold commitment to educate our community on sustainability as a nonprofit organization

  • Partner with Inquiring Systems to support a regenerative future. For more information, visit our Sustainability Commitment page

Financial Code of Conduct: 

  • Act responsibly in all business operations, expenses and transactions 

  • Aim to provide transparent reporting for vendors and partners where applicable

  • Aim to pay our employees fair and ethical wages 

This document may be updated at any time at our discretion. 

SolPods employees must certify at least annually that they have read and agree with the SolPods Code of Conduct. 

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