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Educating change-makers across the globe.


SolPods is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and connecting change makers across the globe. Part social media and part education, SolPods offers workshops, corporate and individual trainings, inspiring podcasts, a curated job board, weekly eco challenges and more. Join our free platform to get connected to your online community of sustainability enthusiasts today.


An illustrated graphic of students working on various academic projects.
An illustrated graphic shows three professionals collaborating in a business space.
Illustration of a man and a woman participating in a beach cleanup. The woman holds a trash bag and the man holds a recycling bin.




Harness the power of community 

Education for the future

Incubator for change makers

Whether you are looking for a job in sustainability or interested in volunteer opportunities, we have a dedicated community to help you learn, grow and inspire others.  Get connected with students like you and find your next mentor today. 

Learn how we can help your company identify, measure and track key sustainability objectives through our customized training opportunities. Join our exclusive network to collaborate with sustainability practitioners globally.  

We are looking for eco-citizens to create solutions and inspire action. Sign up for our free platform to stay in the loop on the latest job and volunteer opportunities, interactive workshops, educational events and more. 

Our Community

expand YOUR sustainability KNOWLEDGE WITH SOLPODs 

Connect with a SolPods team member to learn more about our broad scope of resources.

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